Group 31
The concept of Group 31 as an organization started when at age 31, Ted Kuhns began to fulfill a promise he made in 1981, after 3 of his college friends, including 2 housemates, were killed by a drunk driver.  The four had a great friendship, including watching auto racing.  They had talked about working hard to graduate, get good jobs , buy sports cars and maybe even race themselves.  Those dreams died on the night of the horrible accident, but Ted never forgot.  After starting a family and buying a home, he finally made it through the SCCA ranks and Jim Russell program to start a racing carreer.  The race team was called "Group 31" symbolic of living the dreams of those who persished only by himself.  To finance his programs and suppliment sponsorships, Ted began selling industrial supplied for Premier, the supplier of fasteners at the Indy 500, working for years in Gasoline Alley.  He worked with NASCAR teams and the Monster Truck series as well.   After working for several industrial supply houses and a stint doing training for Porsche, he has started his own company and has an impressive client list of customers who want the best products available! The Group 31 Foundation was founded several years later, and is still a successful 501 (C) 3 today. Ted currently Chairs the Danny Thomas St. Jude Celebrity golf invitational tournament.